Monday, August 18, 2008

EB Won!! (or do I have an exclamation addiction?!?!)

Woohoo! EB won Senior Brave at Mille Lacs powwow this weekend!! He beat out his cousin to win, but his cousin had been Brave when he was younger and this was EB's first time.

It was crazy, there had to be close to 1,000 dancers. Grand Entry took 45 minutes. The DH was relieved when he could finally sit down.

Aut 3:16 got back from his very first time at camp - a whole week! If your child has diabetes, I highly recommend Camp Needlepoint. All the counselors and all the children are diabetic, so your child won't be the only one there who has to take shots and count carbs. Aut loved the camp and the experience of being around all the other kids dealing with the same thing as him.

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