Friday, September 12, 2008

Eight days and counting...

until the wedding!!

Unfortunately, the nasty future SIL is causing problems again. I don't know if she is schizophrenic or just a pathological liar. Here's a recap of her craziness:

1. Announced she was getting married and that we were having a double wedding on Valentine's Day (Yech!!), when DH and I were not even engaged yet.

2. Stole the colors and flowers I had picked out for our wedding and used them in hers.

3. Demanded that her brother drive an hour out to her house on a Saturday night without me, so she could tell him how awful I am and not to marry me (he did not go without me).

4. Stopped talking to her mother because she is nice to me and went to my bridal shower. However, when her mother asked her if that is the way she wanted her new MIL to treat her, the answer was an emphatic no.

5. Tells her family and my DH's friends that I am a controlling b*tch and other things.

6. Said horrible racist things about Native Americans at her Fourth of July party.

7. Called me after my wedding shower (July 19) and said she wasn't coming to the wedding or family events, I could have them. Told me that my DH and I could kiss her a**, said "Goodbye b*tch" and hung up. My DH was standing next to me and heard everything she said. I didn't say a word to her then, because she said she wasn't coming to the wedding and that's what I wanted. I didn't have to be the unreasonable one.

8. Called her mother that night and said the same things to her.

9. Told her kids that they can't come to the wedding because we are being mean to her.

10. Called her father last month and cried to him about how she is not invited to the wedding. Got him upset and involved, demanding we invite her until his wife stepped in and told him that was not his place.

11. When her father couldn't make us budge, she went to DH's work and told his boss and co-workers how she wasn't invited, none of his old friends were invited and that I was controlling my DH (his friends are all invited except her and one other guy he grew up with. Why she would want to consider that man's feeling is beyond me. He is in his late 20's and was calling, trying to date her 11-year-old daughter!!)

12. Finally called my DH yesterday and said she wanted to come to the wedding. Didn't apologize for ANYTHING except for saying she wasn't coming to the wedding. Blamed everything on me, said I caused all the problems and now their parents said she can't come to any family events (lie- she told her mom after the bridal shower that she wasn't going to attend any family activities anymore). Blamed the people at my DH's work on trapping her into saying those things; she only went there for a fishing license, even though she lives an hour away.

My DH told her that he didn't know if he wanted her at the wedding and would have to think about it. After all that, I was willing to compromise as far as she could come to the ceremony but not the reception. THEN I find out she called their father yesterday and said the same nasty crap about me and complained that she is having problems with her 10-year-old son because he really wants to attend the wedding, but she's not letting him go unless she can. I mean she told her father no when he asked if they could pick up the grandkids and take them to the wedding. She is using her kids as weapons against her family, my DH's mom has not seen or talked to the kids since the Fourth of July. I do not know what to do about her attending the wedding...

There is more, but my eye is threatening to explode. Must go knit something...


CelticMommy said...

Holy Moly... I was reading this in Ravenclaw mode then realized you were serious! I say we give her some Polyjuice potion mixed with donkey hair... and let her stay that way awhile.

Seriously though, sending you good thoughts! ~Hettie, fellow Ravenclaw

Shelvicious said...

Yeah no Madam Pomfrey for her!!

Cassandra ZeHorrid said...

She seems to be a crazy, stupid, selfish, ignorant piece of a**... Hopefully she stays away from the wedding and you can have a LOVELY time with people that loves you and your DH...


anontoSHEL said...

Whoa. Seriously. I agree with celticmommy. She really does sound a bit off her rocker there. Does she know you have a blog? SO anyway: here are three songs to get you through some of that.
Save Your Day - Jose Gonzalez ( i know it is TOTALLY mellow but sometimes that is good eh?!)
Oxford Comma - Vampire WEekend (cause i like the damn song okay? and there is swearing in it! SCANDALOUS!!!!Whooee living life on the edge here..)
Gamma Ray - Beck I KNOW HE IS A SCIENTOLOGIST but sometimes you just have to ignore that little factoid.
Have fun these are just some songs i saw on my itunes. i think you can listen to them for a second on the itunes store if you need too..HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!!