Saturday, September 6, 2008


I signed up for HSKS6 at 1am this morning. I'm freaking out because A LOT of new people were signing up and wanted Ravenclaw. I signed up an hour after new student signup opened and I'm worried that it was too late.

Anyway, yesterday was Staff Service Day at my work. We spent the day volunteering at Second Harvest Heartland, which is a nonprofit that distributes food to food shelves, partner agencies, and people who need help securing food for their families. Having worked at various human service nonprofits including four years at The Salvation Army, I thought I was pretty well immune to their heart tugging development practices. Now don't get me wrong, I feel for people in need, but it is the animal agencies that cause me to well up and want to give (and bring resuced chihuahuas into my home; however, that is a whole other story!) Second Harvest did what seemed to be a mini POE (Point of Entry, a fundraising tactic developed by Benevon - formerly Raising More Money.) They showed a short video called "Faces of Hunger." OMG, I had tears and so did like 20 other women from the office. We work for one of the largest community foundations in the state. We get emotional funding requests from nonprofits everyday!

The video had the stories of three people and why they use the food shelves. The first guy was diagnosed with a form of Muscular Dystrophy and his wife was a drafter who got laid off because of the downturn in new home constructing. There was an elderly lady who lost her husband and their farm. Her new rent and utilities took up her tiny income and left no money to buy all the food she needs. The third story involved a stay-at-home mom whose husband left her and their small children. The stories were extremely compelling, but what got me were their amazing stats. For every $1 donated, the organization is able to buy over $9 worth of food and a $100 donation could feed a senior citizen for FOUR months. Being Native American, taking care of our elders is exceptionally important. I was ready to pull out my check card right there and donate $100. In fact. My first thought was "I wonder if they accept debit cards." The only thing that stopped me was the thought that my dh would kill me for spending that two weeks before our wedding, when we barely have enough to cover all those outrageous expenses.

Please check out this fantastic organization. Greg Page, the CEO at Cargill said that with the globe's current calorie production, we are the farthest we have ever been from famine. Which means there is a distribution problem and that is solvable.


2harvest said...

Thanks so much for giving of your time and energy on Friday! We wouldn't be able to make nearly as big an impact without our awesome volunteers.

Also, thanks for spreading the word about not only Second Harvest Heartland, but also that hunger is a solvable problem that we can end if we all try.

Have a great Monday!

Lindsi Gish

Anonymous said...

I just want to add my thanks also to all of you volunteers. The work certainly isn't glamorous, but you touch the lives of people like Gladys when you volunteer in this way. The Gladyses are all around us, but are typically not visible to us. Without you we would not be able to make supplemental nutrition available to those at risk for hunger. Come back some time!
Dennie Scott
Volunteer Manager
Second Harvest Heartland