Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The DH and I are still having difficulty deciding how to split holidays between our families. We are both close to our parents. Growing up completely different causes even more problems, not to mention that my parents are still angry at his father for things he said before the wedding. That makes it harder to combine our families.

The crazy SIL is now not speaking to her parents, but won't say why. Her parents went over to her house last Wednesday to drop off their grandson's birthday present and she wouldn't open the door for them. Her dad then sat outside her kitchen on the deck and she did the dishes and went about her business then finally went outside and told him to leave. She said that there is too much white trash around and she doesn't want it in her life, so her parents cannot be in her or her children's lives. When my MIL told me this, I almost popped a blood vessel, but I know she isn't talking about me. I'm Native and she is the only white trash I see.


E. Madley said...

maybe just have the holidays on your own? I don't know if you have kids or not... but maybe just not visit them for the holidays... in a rebellion against how hostile everyone is towards each other. because if they are just going to make mean comments during the holidays about the other parties, then you shouldn't have to endure that.

Yes, you did say you were both close to your family, and I was going to suggest, maybe then he goes to his family and you go to your family, but then that wouldn't give you two any holiday together time, and shouldn't you be allowed a little selfish times during the holidays?

So just host your own holiday plans with friends who you know aren't going home to "family" for one reason or another, and just throw a fabulous party and have a grand ole time on your own.

just a suggestion, in case that option wasn't brought up yet.

pseudobunny said...

wow.i think e. maddley has a good idea. have a little holiday party for those who don't/can't get to their family...
I am almost done with your second box..but I wonder if your DH convinced you to make him socks with that red yarn or if I should pick some for him this time. Maybe I'll just let myself be surprised.