Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Auntie Lois

Tomorrow the doctors are taking my Aunt Lois off of her blood pressure medication at her request. She said her husband has waited for her for a long time and she would like to go be with him now.

She fell a week after our wedding and broke her hip. Her daughter didn't find her until an hour and a half later. They took her to the hospital where she had her first surgery, blood pooled in her hip socket, but on the way to her second surgery, the doctors found infection in her stomach and on her dialysis tube. They took her to surgery right away and tried to remove as much of the infection as they could. They also moved her dialysis to her neck. She already has a pacemaker and problems with low blood pressure and the dialysis in her neck dropped it even lower. She was only 60/30 with the IV blood pressure medication.

She ended up having two more surgeries, the last one being yesterday. The doctors feared she wouldn't live very long after the surgery and even if she did, she still needed at least two more. One to replace the battery in her pacemaker and another to fix the blood still pooling in her hip.

When she woke up tonight, she asked the doctors to call her two daughters. She told them to take her off the blood pressure medication, that she loved them and will miss them, but that she was ready to go.

It is extremely sad but at least it is her decision and nobody has to wonder if they are doing the best thing for her. The doctors said that they are doing everything they can to fight the infection, but it is in her bloodstream now.

Goodbye Auntie Lois. I will tell you what I tell my grandmother all the time.

Giga waabamin minawaa

I love you
I miss you
I will see you again


pseudobunny said...

So sorry for your loss. That is a heady decision to make.
I like what you tell your grandmother. That is really sweet.
Although I am sure I am pronouncing it all wrond.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm so sorry to hear about your Aunt! What rotten luck... but also, the way she is handling it is really wonderful. I hope that doesn't sound awful or taken the wrong way.