Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ravenclaw HOH Competition

I should be the Ravenclaw HOH because: I'm smart and dependable, just like a Ravenclaw should be. I am also accessible all the time, because my email rolls over to my phone.

The funniest thing I or my alter ego has ever done: Put jello in my friend's toilet before going to stay at my house. When she got back, she had jello in her toilet but didn't realize it until after she used the bathroom

The best trick ever played on me or my alter ego: A co-worker hid all the things in my cubicle and when I got to work in the morning, there was only my computer. I looked all over for my stuff and it was hidden in random places, including the guy's bathroom. I found everything except my Bam Margera picture, turns out he had taken it home with him. He said he was really careful because he knew I would kill him if something happened to it. He did it to get back at me for exchanging all of his stuff with a cubicle on a different floor!

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Lavender O said...

Wow, I vote you as best trickster in your house!!