Sunday, October 19, 2008

What a day!

Today was a crazy day for the Minnesota Vikings. They scored 41 points and still didn't win. 41 points!!! My beloved Cowboys lost as well and the stupid Green Bay Packers won. I am praying for the Red Sox.

It was a very nice Sunday; I'm not looking forward to tomorrow and having to go back to work. The DH and I went to the hospital this morning and said goodbye to my aunt. It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. I assured her that we would always make sure that my cousin Donna would have family and a place to be. Funny, since she is almost 20 years older than I am, but that is her baby and the one she worries about the most. After that, we went grocery shopping and I made dinner. Deviled Chicken from Martha, baked potatoes and acorn squash with butter and brown sugar (yummm). It turned out well, I tell ya, that Martha really knows what she is doing. I never liked her until she went to jail. She opted to begin serving her sentence before her appeal was up. No crying around for her, even though she was almost a senior citizen. Just did her time, with the same resolve she does everything else. Impressed the hell outta me! Now I think she is the cat's pajamas (or is it the bee's knees? Haha). Whatever, almost our whole wedding registry at Macy's was Martha. I like her stuff better than anything. We got her comforter set. It originally cost $500, but it was on sale for $199. We signed up for a Macy's card and got an additional 15% off and another 20% off for putting it on the card. So the set only cost us around $135. Good thing my mom doesn't read my blog, she'd kill me if she knew we paid that much for it. Hwever, it is the softest, most beautiful blanket ever! We finally had a grown-up looking bedroom with matching curtains and like eight pillows! I want another one to save in case something happens to the one we have now. Oh no, I had better watch out cuz crazy is getting loose!

Yay! I finally posted through an entire weekend!

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