Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I am really looking forward to a time when I am not tired and/or crabby. There were several times today that I wanted to cry, scream and throw a good old-fashioned temper tantrum. I mean laid out on the floor, screaming and kicking. Haha, that is funny.

I have this project at work, that isn't supposed to be my project, but has somehow become my project. I don't want it. I don't care how noble and full of good it is. I DO NOT WANT IT. I was repeatedly told that I would ONLY have to post some things on our donor website. That's it! Nothing else. Oh, and I would have lots of time do get it done, weeks, if not months. Well, when the time came, I had 2 days. The information was not complete. Organizations were not qualified to be included. So, I had to go back and research these organizations (52!) and get their information. I did not have time to get them qualified through our process, but I at least got them entered. Then I had to load all 52 organizations on two different websites, by cutting and pasting, after I turned each pdf into an html document. Not hard, but boring and time consuming.

Now, people are wanting to give to these organizations (the whole purpose of the project). All of a sudden, I'm supposed to keep track of all of these organizations, who is giving to them, and how much they are giving. I enter between 100-200 grants a week. I don't want to try and remember these few. The has been no communication as to what is expected. Nobody even bothered to tell me how they wanted them entered, other than consistently. Consistently? As in enter every grant (duh) or enter them the same way (ok, how? what information?). After trial and error, I got 30 or so entered, checked, and corrected after the powers that be decided how they wanted them entered. I hate this project, I hate everybody associated with it, I am ready to hurt them. I finally calm down, stop thinking about it and then I hear the girl who is supposed to be in charge of this stinking project on the phone with somebody, telling them that this is MY project. I am going to be the one to go to if they need information, reports, etc on this project. I am keeping track of everything!

Anybody know where to hide the bodies?

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Amethyst said...

Oh, wow, that totally sucks! What a rotten day! Does it make you feel better to know that we won the house cup? :-)