Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Rock

Somehow a DVD called "The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment" was released in June and NOBODY told me!! How could this happen. I love The Rock, especially from his WWE days. He is hilarious. Well, all is right in the world now. My DH took me to Best Buy after work and got the 3 disc set for me. I can't wait to watch it.

He also got me David Cook's new CD. Yay!

Tomorrow, BRET "THE HITMAN" HART is going to be at MOA signing copies of his book. My DH has the day off of work and he is going to pick me up so we can be there before 6!

I know I sound like some kind of wrestling watching freak, but come on I'm from Minneapolis. My grandmother was so cool, she knew all the old AWA guys and would take me to see them wrestle at the old Civic Center when I was just a little thing.

I remember Nick Bockwinkle, Vern Gagne, Jessie the Body, and Hulk Hogan from a time when I could barely walk! My uncle Beanie used to pose like Hulk Hogan and ask me who he has and it never failed that I would say Jessie the Body! It wasn't until I was second grade that I could answer him right. So, now I have this weird complex regarding Hulk Hogan and my uncle. Lets just say I am really glad Hulk retired from wrestling cuz I could never watch him getting beat up. It freaked me out.

My grandma knew a lot of people. Country western singers, wrestlers, and the MN Vikings. In fact, she used to sew their jerseys. I got to meet Jerry Burns. Somewhere floating around is a picture of me wearing Tommy Kramer's jersey grinning from ear to ear. It came down past my knees, I may have been about 11 years old and I already was crazy about him. My older cousin would tease me every monday, that she had gone to detox and played spoons with Tommy Kramer.

Good times, good times. I must remember to post someday about tracking the Dallas Cowboys all over town and running around on the practice field at Winter Park and how even though, sadly, my grandmother had already passed away; she helped me get the information on what hotel Troy Aikman was staying at so we could go a hunting...


CelticMommy said...

I know this sounds totally L.A. but my neighbor is The Rock's stunt double... and also happens to be his cousin... and is/was a Gladiator on the NBC show... the cousin and I also grew up in the same apartment building and he was friends with my brother.

Shelvicious said...

That is sooooo cool? Have y ou ever got to meet or see The Rock in person?