Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I am so excited! The HSKS 7 term sign ups for returning student are tomorrow!

New students can sign up on Friday. Come join us, it is a lot of fun.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Psycho Sister-in-Law AGAIN!!!

My sister-in-law is becoming more and more psycho! I don't know what I am going to do.

She has accused my DH of threatening her and/or her kids (the first time she said it, it was only her that was threatened. Later on in the conversation she accused him of threatening her kids.) She called her father and told him that my DH was laughing in the background when a former landlord called her and tole her she needed to pay him the back rent she still owes.

She also threatened to file a restraining order on him and the former landlord. I don't know what proof she has. My DH hasn't wanted anything to do with that sick b*tch, since July. He doesn't call her or go to her house. In fact, on Christmas, he never said one word to her the entire evening.

Their father is just as bad, at least I know where she gets her complete lack of responsibility for her actions. She told her father that the former landlord threatened to mess up her car if she didn't follow through on paying him (AGAIN), her father had the nerve to call my DH and tell him that if anything happens to the b*tches car that he holds my DH responsible and will mess up our car in retaliation. After his father told his mother what he did, she yelled at him and he called my DH back. he NEVER apologized. Just asked my DH if he was alright. Now he wants to act like everything is okay. Yeah right...

After all that, I learn that my DH actually gave his increasingly insane sister our address, so she could file the restraining order. I am 4 months pregnant, I am worried about what this lunatic could decide to do. I told my DH not to tell me that he doesn't think she would try to hurt our baby, because he didn't think she would make up all the shit she has, including accusing him of threatening her. Neither one of us has even wanted her around or even in our lives at all.