Friday, June 25, 2010


I have the best spoiler in the world!

Allitrya sent my package and it was amazing. She really stalked me well. I LOVE the color she picked out. She wrapped it all up like Christmas...

Here is a shot of the whole package

Lovely soft silky yarn

Beautiful stitch markers and a little holder (she even made the label)

French Coffee
She made me the cutest little sock keychain. I have always wanted one of these!

and a gorgeous Eiffel Tower charm.
I can't wait to make the Fleur-de-lis washcloth. The size 10 dpns are the only ones I didn't have in that size at all! She also made the cutest notions bag. I love the blue color and the satiny material.

I am truly honored and grateful for the time Allityra spent on my kit.


Clara Clovenhoof said...

Awesome kit!!! She did indeed stalk you quite well. The silky yarn looks lovely. I love the stitch marker holder and the satiny project bag is so pretty. What a wonderful kit :)

Emma Scrimgeour said...

She did do an awesome job! I love the little charm on the bag, how cute!