Saturday, June 19, 2010


We went to the powwow today. The kids were crazy and it was raining off and on , but I still wanted to dance as soon as I heard the music and saw the jingle dress dancers. I thought I could do it too until I remembered the arthritis. Oh well, my baby is being weaned (that makes me the wean-er and her the wean-ee) so I will be able to take the medication soon. Although, I am not sure how I feel about taking a chemotherapy medication. It would be nice to be pain free though My thumb is swollen larger than the knuckle now.

Oh yeah

WE WAZ ROBBED!!! The USA should've had the win, not the draw.

Next Wednesday though everything will be right in the world again, I can root for England instead of for Algeria.

GO USA! (and England...)

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